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Pool Heater Installation & Repair

When summer finally arrives in Durham Region, enjoyment of your swimming pool shouldn’t rely entirely on the weather.  A quality pool heater allows you to take advantage of those brutally hot afternoons, as well as those cooler days and nights.  Call on United Trades, and we’ll make sure your pool is the perfect temperature at all times.  Premier equipment, properly installed and maintained, minimizes cost and upkeep, while maximizing efficiency and reliability.  We offer a range of energy-efficient, high performance pool/spa heaters designed to quietly and consistently maintain ideal pool water temperature at all times, for all sizes and styles of spas and pools.

Dependable Pool Heater Service & Installations

Count on the experienced specialists from United Trades to help you find the right solution to improve the usability and rewards of your swimming pool or spa in Durham Region.  While there are numerous types of pool heaters available, we explain options, and only recommend those products with proven durability and sustainability.  Quiet operation, corrosion-resistant designs, LED control panels and displays, remote control, and ease-of-management, are just some of the many possibilities for enhancing investment return.  Whether your project is simple or complex, the team from United Trades completes installation of your new heater quickly, properly, and without leaving mess, debris, or damage behind. Because modern heaters feature advanced internal operating systems, installation, maintenance, and repair, should always be handled by a trained professional.  If you experience any difficulties with your pool or spa heater, United Trades works on all makes and models, providing accurate diagnosis and effective solutions.  Affordable, professional service your family can rely on.

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