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For a reliable and superior furnace installation call on the experts from United Trades

Your home heating system is arguably the most important appliance in your house.  When you have a new furnace installed, it’s important to choose both a contractor and brand you can depend on to live up to your highest expectations.

The size of the furnace installed is incredibly important. A furnace that is too large will cost more to purchase, install, and operate.  A furnace that is too small won’t keep up with demand on those really cold days.  United Trades will ensure your furnace is suitable for the size requirements of your home.  We’ll also make you aware of efficiency ratings.  The AFUE measures how much of the energy consumed by a furnace is converted into usable heat.  With efficiency ratings up to 98%.

Let the experts from United Trades handle all your heating installation needs!

If you’d like to set up separate zones in the house and manage your indoor environment from your smartphone or computer, we can do that too.  Our factory trained and regularly updated technicians provide helpful advice and expert service, whether you’re looking for simple, economical solutions or the latest advances and innovations. Contact United Trades to learn more about the many, rewarding options we offer or to set up a convenient appointment time.   We provide affordable, professional service your family can rely on.


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