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Garage Heater Service &  Installation

Want to warm up that man cave?

United Trades can turn your garage into a warm and productive space.  We specialize in the installation and service of a range of garage heaters that deliver reliable and efficient temperature control, allowing you to stay comfortable when it’s cold outside. With low-profiles and designed specifically for use in garages, workshops, and job sites, there is an ideal solution for every sized space, whether you’re looking for electric, natural gas, or propane heat.  Our heating specialists take into consideration the demands of your space, as well as your concerns and goals.  We help you explore options, and provide the information and recommendations you need to make every decision easy and rewarding.

Contact us at United for more information on garage heater installation and service.

The technicians from United Trades will make sure your garage heater is sized properly to deliver efficient and effective heating.  We recognize that square footage, insulation, drafts, fuel type, and your plans for the work area, all impact requirements.

Keep your garage warm with a reliable heating installation from United Trades!

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option that’s easy to move or a permanently installed garage heater, we’ll meet your specific needs.  Or if you’re current garage heater is giving you problems, our licensed technicians provide skilled repair and maintenance services.

Give us a call, speak to a knowledgeable representative of our team.  United Trades is your solution to affordable, professional service your family can rely on.


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