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Make A/C Maintenance a Priority

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment

Waiting for something to go wrong with your air conditioner before calling for service can turn into a very expensive mistake.  Like any complex appliance, the most cost-effective strategy is regular maintenance and proper care.  Neglecting the professional maintenance of your air conditioner results in a five percent loss of overall efficiency each year.  Conscientious upkeep has been proven to double the lifespan of the system, adding value to your investment.  Trust the factory trained team from United Trades to complete meticulous tuning, follow recommended procedures, and ensure peak performance.

Let our expert team handle all your air conditioning service needs!

Call on our professionals to optimize your cooling equipment in the spring, and we’ll make sure it’s ready to handle the summer workload.

Some long-term rewards of maintaining your equipment:

  • Prevention of costly breakdowns
  • Minimized energy costs
  • Extended life of AC equipment
  • Improved system performance
  • Safe operation
  • Superior air quality
  • Reduced sound levels
  • Fulfillment of warranty stipulations

Here’s a tip:   Make sure to replace and clean the air filters as recommended by the manufacturer.  Clean air filters promote maximum airflow, keep equipment working properly, and improve efficiency and operation.  Changing filters also reduces energy consumption by up to fifteen percent, and helps protect the environment.

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