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Whether your current air conditioner is failing to meet expectations, or you’re considering a first-time installation, United Trades specializes in the most effective, innovative, and energy efficient options on the market.  We’ll not only make sure your house is perfectly cool in a matter of minutes, we’ll improve your air quality, for a healthier, more enjoyable living environment.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our licensed technicians are trained to exacting standards, receive regular updates, and adhere to precision installation procedures.  We properly calculate sizing requirements, factor in your expectations for convenient and cost-saving features, and offer a broad range of top quality models to answer any challenge.  Let us guide you through each step of the process, and we’ll protect your best interests, delivering an end result that totally satisfies your demand for both practicality and luxury. Contact us today for air conditioning installation.

We’ll help you select the best air conditioner for your home

Central air conditioning is the most effective and simplest way to maintain an ideal temperature in your home throughout the hot summer months.  But it’s also so much more.  When you take advantage of installation from United Trades, we’ll make sure you choose from the most technologically advanced models on the market, improving and simplifying day to day management for greater energy savings, climate control, and overall comfort.  With rewarding features, such as zoned conditioning, programmable control, WiFi access, and customized adjustment of everything from ventilation and fan speed, to humidity levels, you’re never going to want to leave the cool comfort of your home.  Call on United Trades for air conditioning installation and we’ll provide affordable, professional services your family can rely on.

Some of the many benefits of a modern central cooling system include:

  • Clean air and improved air quality
  • Cool, dry environment discourages pests, such as dust mites
  • Quieter than portable units
  • No blocked view from your window
  • Superior aesthetics over window units
  • Precision control over temperature throughout the house
  • Sleep better and feel more productive
  • Zoned control targets specific rooms for greater comfort and energy savings
  • Outstanding warranty coverage
  • Keeping windows closed improves security
  • Protects against exterior noise and air pollution
  • High efficiency systems ensure consistent airflow throughout your home, preventing excessive moisture and mold
  • Raises the value of your home

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