Your AC System Needs TLC All Year

When cooler weather arrives, you’ll switch the air conditioning system off but that’s not all you need to do to take good care of your system until it’s time to run it again. To avoid equipment failure and breakdown next summer, a little TLC given to your air conditioner will go a long way.

First, it’s best to shut the system off at the end of the warm season from outside, or from the breaker panel, says Justin George of United Trades, a Bowmanville-based HVAC installation and service expert. This avoids the common pitfall of switching the system on next season from inside the house and forgetting the unit outside has a cover over it, which can ruin the unit.

A fitted winter cover for the air conditioning unit is much like a barbecue cover, says Mr. George, and its function is to prevent ice buildup on the fan blades. A board weighted down with bricks over top the unit will do the same job. Covers, if used, should not be fitted tightly but should allow the unit breathing room, so as to prevent condensation and rust on the wires and discourage mice from nesting.

It’s important to get an annual inspection from a qualified company before the unit is switched on again next summer. Mr. George advises to allow a professional to start the air conditioning system up each year, to make sure refrigerant levels are in range of equipment specifications and that pressure and temperatures are adequate. Too much or too little refrigerant leads to excessive wear and stress on the compressor. Regular upkeep can double the life span of your equipment. Mr. George notes that homeowners tend to feel more uncomfortable in the hot summer months with no air conditioning opposed to the heating months with furnace break downs.

A professional check of your air conditioning system in the spring will include checking your electrical components to make sure the unit is not over-working, and all results should be documented and presented to the customer. United Trades has been serving residential and commercial customers in Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax and the GTA since 2008, and is a Carrier factory authorized dealer that services all furnace and air conditioning brands.

United Trades provides expert HVAC installation and service, and also offers indoor air quality testing and products, gas fireplaces, boilers, hot water heaters, garage heaters, pool heaters, generators, electrical work and plumbing services.

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