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From steaming hot showers to cozy winter days, United Trades Inc. has all your heating installation needs covered. We’ll assess your needs and size requirements to make sure you get the most efficient furnace, boiler, hot water tank, or tankless water heater. We even take care of other projects around the house and supply and install heat pumps, thermostats, garage heaters, and pool heaters. No matter what you need to heat, United Trades Inc. has you covered.

Heating Repair & Service

In the coldest winter days, the last thing you need is a furnace that stops working. United Trades Inc. knows how important your heat is with the cold Ontario temperatures and will work to get your furnace serviced or repaired in a timely manner. In emergencies, we will work after business hours to make sure you’re not left out in the cold.

You never want to take chances with your heating and it’s always best to call the experts at United Trades. However, it’s worth knowing that there a few steps you can take before making a service call:

  • Check to make sure the pilot is lit; if it’s gone out, there should be instructions on your furnace to relight it
  • Inspect your circuit breaker for a blown fuse; if power to the system has been disrupted, you may need to reset or turn on the furnace
  • Make sure your thermostat is working with fresh batteries and set to your desired temperature
  • Make sure all registers in your home are clear and free of blockage
  • Inspect the filter and replace if necessary

Heating Maintenance

The best way you can make sure you’re not stuck without heat or hot water, or in need of a repair in the middle of winter, is to keep up with annual maintenance on your heating equipment. Giving your furnace a good cleaning once a year can fix minor problems while saving you the cost of a service call, as well as help to create energy savings by keeping it in perfect working order.

Scheduling timely maintenance is a smart decision for a number of reasons:

  • Restored energy efficiency
  • Prepares equipment to handle the heavy winter workload
  • Minimizes risk of breakdowns and equipment failure
  • Ensures safe operation
  • Keeps your warranty valid
  • Improves your home’s comfort
  • Ensures proper air flow and air quality
  • Extends the life of your equipment

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are ideal for keeping your home comfortable all year long as they offer both heating and cooling. Heat pumps are an excellent part of a Hybrid Heat dual fuel system, saving you money year-round. Consider a dual fuel system for extra benefits, including:

  • Optimal efficiency when switching between the electric system and gas furnace.
  • Comfort of perfect temperature control.
  • Versatility of both fuel sources for maximum benefits.
  • While a dual fuel system is initially an investment, the efficiency recovers that cost with significant energy savings in the long run; it also adds value to your home and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The system is environmentally friendly as electricity is utilized a majority of the time.

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