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your home heating system is arguably the most important appliance in your house.  When you have a new furnace installed, it’s important to choose both a contractor and brand you can depend on to live up to your highest expectations.  United Trades provides expert service and trustworthy solutions to severe local weather.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are knowledgeable in a wide range of award-winning and industry-leading products, bringing you greater energy efficiency, precision control, and the innovative features that turn your house into a welcoming sanctuary.

Heating installations in Durham, GTA, you can trust!

There are quite a few decisions to make throughout the installation process.  Sizing is critical.  A furnace that is too large will cost more to purchase, install, and operate.  A furnace that is too small won’t keep up with demand on those really cold days.  Know that the professionals from United Trades provide accurate load calculations to ensure optimum sizing and performance.  We’ll also make you aware of efficiency ratings.  The AFUE measures how much of the energy consumed by a furnace is converted into usable heat.  With efficiency ratings up to 98%, Carrier sets an extremely high standard.

Let the experts from United Trades handle all your heating installation needs!

Consider the modulating Infinity 98 gas furnace, with Greenspeed Intelligence, and take advantage of a heating system that can run at 40% capacity, 100% capacity, or anywhere in-between.  By adapting capacity to exactly what the home needs, the system optimizes efficiency, delivers precise and consistent temperatures, and is amazingly quiet.  And if you’d like to set up separate zones in the house and manage your indoor environment from your smartphone or computer, we can do that too.  Our factory trained and regularly updated technicians provide helpful advice and expert service, whether you’re looking for simple, economical solutions or the latest advances and innovations. Give United Trades a call in Durham Region to learn more about the many, rewarding options we offer or to set up a convenient appointment time.   We provide affordable, professional service your family can rely on.