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Central air conditioning is the most convenient and effective option to maintain an ideal temperature in your home throughout the hot summer days. With a selection of the most technologically advanced models on the market, equipped with features like zoned conditioning, programmable control, Wi-Fi access, and customizable adjustment, we can help you manage climate control and comfort in your home as well as realize greater energy savings.

United Trades Inc. specializes in the most cost-effective, innovative, and energy efficient air conditioning units on the market. Our experts offer free consultations to go over your cooling needs, while factoring in your cost expectations to deliver and install the best option for your home and family.

If you’re looking to upgrade your old air conditioning unit or are installing for the first time, you can’t beat the benefits of a modern central cooling system:

  • Clean and improved air quality
  • A cool, dry environment, reducing pests like dust mites
  • Superior aesthetics and comfort over window units
  • Zoned control targets specific rooms for greater comfort and energy savings
  • Outstanding warranty coverage
  • High efficiency systems ensure consistent air flow throughout your home, preventing moisture and mold
  • New air conditioning systems raise the value of your home

Air Conditioning Repairs & Service

If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, the summer heat can get to you. If your unit is exhibiting insufficient cooling, water leaks, squealing or hissing noises, unpleasant smells, endless or short cycling, creating excessive energy bills, or just not turning on, give us a call and we’ll come out to service or repair your unit quickly and efficiently.

Simple troubleshooting steps can prevent the need for a service call. So, before you call for repairs, try these steps:

  • Make sure your thermostat is set to cool and that the battery is fresh
  • Check the circuit breaker for a tripped fuse
  • Change the filter
  • Make sure there’s about two feet of clearance on the sides and five feet of clearance on the top of the outdoor unit
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to cold air returns and registers

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The best way to extend the life of your air conditioning and keep it in working order is to keep up with regular annual maintenance. United Trades is happy to perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner to clean it out and keep it running at its best.

Timely cleaning, troubleshooting, and adjustment will result in long-term rewards, including:

  • Minimized risk of costly breakdowns
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extended life of your system
  • Improved system performance throughout the year
  • Safer operation
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced sound levels
  • Keeps your warranty valid

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